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The satisfaction of our partners is the
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At BIS HUNGARY KFT., our mission is to provide reliable services to our partners, whose success and ongoing operations rely on our services. In the past 70 years, thanks to numerous prestigious activities carried out in industrial fields, we have become not only the largest industrial service provider in Hungary, but also a major player in European industrial development. Every day, close to 800 people work on our projects to ensure the continuous and reliable operation of industrial plants, factories, and sites.

We accompany our partners down the path of design, through construction, operation, and maintenance, all the way to demolition. This allows us to provide all of the services from one source, ensuring work continues uninterrupted.


We are familiar with our projects from the very start, allowing us to react immediately to any disruptions or needs for development.

The distribution of work amongst the business branches on the basis of the types of activities provides an advantageous framework for a quick and adaptable market presence; at the same time, our jointly certified systems, uniform technologies, transferable tools, and flexible and mobile human resource capacities ensure that resources can be concentrated where necessary, providing the response of a large company.

Our secure background, experience, quality expectations, and references provide a reassuring and continuous partnership for our clients, partners, and subcontractors as well as for our employees. With the systems, technologies and tools we use, we are committed to continuous development, thus ensuring that the operations are the most effective possible for both our partners and ourselves.


We have all the necessary industry certifications and we are committed to the application of environmental and work safety standards and directives, under which our systems are subject to constant review and development. You can learn more about our certifications and standards here. 

Company history

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Foundation of the Építő– és Szigetelő Vállalat [Construction and Insulation Company]


Foundation of the Factory and Machine Installations Company


Capital influx from Rheinhold & Mahla is used to establish R&M Építő- és Szigetelő Kft. [R&M Construction and Insulation Limited Liability Company], the main profile of which is industrial insulation


Capital influx from Rheinhold & Mahla is used to establish R&M-GYGV Multiszerviz Kft. [R&M-GYGV Multi Service Limited Liability Company], the main profile of which is technical installations


The entire Rheinhold & Mahla company group becomes part of the Bilfinger Berger concern, which is also German


Restructuring: R&M Technical Services Hungary Kft. is established as the holding company of the operative companies (R&M Duna Kft.; R&M Kemont Kft.; R&M Pannon Kft.; and R&M International Kft.) created from the former companies


The Hungarian R&M companies are merged and renamed BIS Hungary Kft. (Bilfinger Industrial Services)


The Bilfinger concern is renamed Bilfinger IT Hungary Kft. (Bilfinger Industrial Technologies Hungary) following corporate restructuring


The company is purchased by a Hungarian investment group called KOGEN-TERM Kapcsolt Energia Termelőrendszereket Szerelő Kft. [KOGEN-TERM Cogeneration Systems Installation Limited Liability Company] and takes on the name BIS Hungary Kft.


László Patay


Péter Magasdi



Domestic, western PCs

Zoltán Németh

Customer Relationship and Business Director

Gábor Sebestyén

Production and Construction Director

Domestic, eastern PCs

Bertalan Csőreg

Customer Relationship and Business Director

Tamás Nagy

Production and Construction Director


István Sallay

Export Director

Dávid Juhász

Export Director

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