Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality (HSEQ)

In order to achieve maximum safety and efficiency, BIS HUNGARY KFT. is committed to efforts in technical, environmental and work safety beyond mere compliance with industry regulations and legislation. Our basic requirement is that all tasks entrusted to us are done in perfect quality, taking into account environmental protection and in full respect of the rules of the safety of life – since the safety and health of our employees are top priority at the company. The key to our success is that these ideas govern our professional activities from the designing phase to the time we leave the work area.

We operate quality, environmental protection, and health and safety management systems that meets the requirements of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009, MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005, SCCp 2011, and VCA* 2008/5.1 standards. The compliance of our systems are continuously reviewed and are audited and certified by an independent organisation. The ongoing development of our complex management system ensures that the quality of our efficient, safe, customer-friendly, and environmentally conscious contracting and service activities is always improving. In the interest of the efficiency of these systems, the processes are reviewed and developed only by the HSEQ leader responsible solely for this area.

Our greatest resource is the expertise of our employees, which is why we devote special attention to their ongoing training and education, both in their fields of expertise and in the areas of environmental protection and work safety. We believe in quality work relying on trust and each other’s values. That is why we expect our employees to use their know-how to serve both the company and our partners every day. We provide them with modern tools and a safe and supportive working environment to do so. At the same time, this commitment is not only ensured in our internal processes, but we also expect our partners to know and continuously apply our systems and ethical guidelines.